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SUN Soccercards

The SUN Soccercards

A massive set produced by the  Sun newspaper for no apparent reason. This was their first football cards  production for 6 years, and it was another 8 years after this one before  they tried again. The set includes 1,000 "full colour drawings"  of players, flags and trophies.

Presumably they were unable to obtain the  rights to the player photos so they commissioned an artist to draw the pictures.  A typically neat way of avoiding the payment of image rights.

The  cards were available in packs of 50. The information printed on the cards  was correct as at November 1978. The fixtures printed in the albums was  correct up until 16 December 1978.  The set is divided into a number of categories:

Cards 1 - 200 International stars
Cards 201 - 350 All time greats
Cards 351 - 546 Defenders
Cards 547 - 742 Midfielders
Cards 743 -  938 Strikers
Cards 939 - 988 Flags of soccer nations
Cards 989 - 1000  Major football trophies

Four albums were available for the set, though  they had unnumbered spaces, and not enough for 1,000 cards (each album has  150 spaces). Apparently you decided what you wanted to stick into each album.  The albums were named:
No 1 - Soccer Souvenir Album
No 2 - My Gallery  of League Stars
No 3 - Gallery of Superstars
No 4 - Gallery on International  Soccer

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