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Match Attax

Match Attax

Topps Europe Ltd has continued to launch hugely successful products  across Europe. Some of the most successful licenses have included WWE, Pok√©mon, Doctor Who, High School Musical and SpongeBob. Premier League stickers and albums are now in their 18th year

Match Attax, the official Premier League trading card game, is the biggest selling  boys collectable in the UK two years running. Being sold across the  globe in a number of countries, the collection also holds the title of  the biggest selling sports collectable in the world.

It is estimated  that around 1.5 million children collect it in the UK, and 2.5 million  children in the world.

Brian Gilmour
Badge Card Match Attax Record card Jamie Adams
Gary Harkins Greg Fleming
Match Attax Back
Nicky Devlin Paddy Boyle Paul Cairney
Alan Forrest MOM