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This website contains material which may not necessarily represent the views of Ayr United Football and Athletic Club.  This is an unofficial archive and I assume responsibility for the content. 

My aim is that it will be a historical record of the matches and results of Ayr United which all can enjoy no matter what age you are or which team you follow.  If you take issue with anything in the site then please e-mail me in the first instance, and I'm sure we can resolve things.  I Hope that satisfies the legal minded among you.

Thank You

Jim Mechan

revised January 2017.


I have two major acknowledements which I would like to make here.

  1. Duncan Carmichael whose 'The Official History of Ayr United Football Club' and his many other books elsewhere publicised on this site have helped me identify specific events that I had forgotton or was too young to remember.  His superb essential reading, a must for every Ayr United fan to read, have helped me to describe various issues on this website.
  2. The Ayr United Official Website that has helped with some bits of historical fact.